The autumn walking programme starts in September with walks from Shere Village car park on 17th and 19th September.

Tom, who stepped down as Chairman this summer
  • We welcome our new Chairman, Jim Barnes. Thanks to Jim and Penny’s hard work, informal Thursday walks have taken place throughout the summer. They have been well attended and clearly fulfil a need for those who are not on holiday or undertaking childcare duties.
  • According to researchers, regular brisk walking has significant physical and mental health benefits (see this news report from the Daily Telegraph and read this piece broadcast on the BBC in 2018. What better way to motivate yourself than scheduling a regular walk with Dorking Walkers, a sociable local group? Walking has it all – fresh air, exercise in the beautiful surroundings of the Surrey countryside and friendly conversation – all designed to lift your mood and make you feel good. 
  • We keep our membership to a maximum of 50 and it is sometimes necessary to operate a waiting list, but there are currently some vacancies. Contact to enquire about membership.
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